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Skavin'jer Street Sweeper Corp. is constantly seeking dealers who share the same vision and represent the same superior product as a Skavin'jer Sweeper. We are confident that as a Skavin'jer Street Sweeper Dealer that you will possess the most sellable sweeper on the market today. We feel that we can boldly make this statement due to our years of experience in engineering, development and marketing in the sweeper industry. Skavin'jer has designed two of the finest sweepers with quality parts and workmanship that can meet the needs of the individual as well as the special needs of the various industries. As a dealer you will be equipped with the proper product knowledge, sales tools, and competitive pricing that can allow your dealership to be very profitable. To become a Skavin'jer dealer is an extremely easy process, here?s how it works:

Dealership Program

Dealerships are based on initial orders and/or initial Dealer cost. This is more fully described as number of units and/or number of dollars spent. The initial order of 2 sweepers can establish a Sub-Dealer. An initial order of 4 sweepers or any combinations there of $100,000.00 volume can establish you as a Master Dealer. The difference between a Master Dealer and a Sub-Dealer are as follows:

  • Master Dealer can purchase sweepers at 5% less than Sub-Dealers.

  • Master Dealers have the opportunity to set Sub-Dealers up underneath them in separate territories.

  • Master Dealers have the opportunity to have an entire state as his territory.

If a Master Dealer submits an initial order of 10 sweepers it will secure him the entire state as a territory. These 10 sweepers can then be delivered over a six-month period.

  • Any Sub-Dealer may be taken over if another company or individual applies for a Master Dealership in the same area as an existing Sub-Dealer.

  • An existing Sub-Dealer has the first option (first right of refusal) of becoming a Master Dealer in a territory. However, if the existing Sub-Dealer does not want the Master Dealership the new applicant will become the Master Dealer in that area.

  • All Dealer quotas and volumes are based are based on a 1 year time frame. Dealer anniversary dates are based on each consecutive year after the initial and original order.

  • For Master Dealers an additional 5% rebate will be provided for those who have purchased united valued at $400,000.00 or more in a 12-month period from the anniversary date and will be awarded this as a bonus paid directly to the Dealer as a credit towards that Master Dealers account. Less the price of the truck.

As you can see it is relatively easy to become a Skavin'jer Dealer. By joining our innovative sales team, you will gain the benefits of selling a highly marketable product such as a parking lot sweeper as well as the notability and prestige of having Skavin'jer Street Sweeper Corporation represented at your dealership.


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